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Condoms: a smORGASMbord of flavors


As we travel further into the 21st century, people no longer seem satisfied with the status quo. But do women really find the male member so boring that they need to add artificial flavors to it like some kind of sexual condiment? Just look at the smorgasmbord of flavor your penis could be:

(Above: Send mixed messages about whether she should use her teeth?)


(ABOVE: The best part of getting up is Folgers in your crotch?)



They've ALREADY made those flavors... so what happens when people get bored of them? We're just a few short years away from flavors like these:


(Above: These girls are tired of invisible BJs. Can you help?)



Get YOUR Favorite Flavored Condoms Today!

sMilesKisses Uploaded 12/26/2012
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