Obama and Bush. Blatant Discrimination

Stephen Espalin who is desperate for medical care got kicked out of Boca Raton  hospital for faking he had health insurance. In a desperate attempt to get medical treatment he threatened to murder Obama, his entire family and their dog Bo, knowing the Feds would give him medical treatment when they captured this obviously dangerous man who is confined to a wheel chair.

His defence, rightly argued that the man does not have the capacity to be a threat to anyone and was simply seeking much needed medical treatment. The Prosecutor in a kind of twist of intention, said the man was a threat and should be jailed, which is what Espalin was trying to accomplish by making the threats. So Espalin ironically gets rewarded for making empty threats.
This isn't the first time. When Bush was the president he did the same thing for his heart disease. For Obama he received 4 years and three months, for Bush he received only 2 years. Blatant discrimination or does Obama again prove a more generous heart?,0,2372037.story
Uploaded 01/20/2013
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