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trolls r good


Thought about ebaums would be like without trolls. But imagine first,

a world without atheists (pantheists)
a world without people on welfare
a world without the idiots, to perform the manual labor

Understand that for every hero, there needs to be an equal and opposite enemy. The ying of the yang.

America needs its Russia
Germany needs its Jew
Every dog needs his cat
Every Heroic Christian needs his degenerate atheist.

So you see, if we had nothing to fight for, we would not be motivated to be good. But at the same time, it's kind of an oxymoron. If you encourage trolls, or welcome them, they generally disappear. Which in turn causes the bloggers to disappear. So rin, continue being an idiot. Neko troll the shit outta people. Everything in life has reason.

Frogbob Uploaded 01/26/2013
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