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Write, Wrong and a Thong.


I've watched some videos of people doing amazing things with kites, skateboards, dirt bikes, etc. It so amazing, like dudes are defying gravity or disregarding the possibility of injury. Now that is freedom, and the beauty freedom allows the human spirit to become. It was many years ago I jumped off the Burlington bridge injuring my tail bone, but so worth the three second count as I hit the water and plunged deep into the river without hitting bottom to push myself up. 

For a few moments I was unaware of up or down. It was only after buoyancy took over did I realize what direction I should swim in. Scary but fucking awesome.  At the same time I knew my death was possible as I hurled down with the current, but had the faith, like others before me, that I would pop up like a cork and make my way to the shore.


Letemdangle Uploaded 01/30/2013
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