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Just a Thought on Wrong.


It really is discouraging to witness the shallowness of religious people in America, from the Westboro Baptists to the disgruntled pastor who didn't like leaving a decent tip. I still think it should be up to the patron to decide the tip, but to cost someone their job from your comfortable perch as a pastor. It's revolting, what kind of example is that? 

Maybe the story is a fabrication like most of the shit going down today. Fuck, any more  of this disinformation and abominations, I may lose sight of my ass and shit myself over the entire planet. Yea, it's probably true and I  realize there are a bunch of sick religious narcissistic morons living in the USA. 

Why is that? Are they just so immersed in their own self importance and their rightful place beside God, they lose sight of what's wrong and right? Does it have to do with the economic challenges and people feeling the pressure? 

It is not right to trample on other people's beliefs, but it is sick to hurt others in a more intrinsic way. The best argument against religion is their own behaviour. The atheist is a midget compared to this.

I still believe in God and the selfish stupidity of religious wackos won't change that, let alone the hateful atheist, for they are like sisters.

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