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The good old days...

Hello all at EBW. A quick jaunt down memory lane that was inspired by smb's and dangle's blogs.
We used to have people here that could write a fucking story!!! DeunanKnute, SJG, Dangle, Biser, Shezagodds, GIJoe and many others. Now what do we have? Shit!
My initial blog was much longer than this but for some fucked up reason 2/3 of it was cut off! WTF?
Fuck, gotta get ready for work now. No more time to rant and rave.
I will be back people! Let's make this a fucking BLOG section again!!! You with me?
Blogger Deunan (blogger is a TITLE that must be earned people)
DeunanKnute Uploaded 02/01/2013
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