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lets do this shit


Something I miss from the old times was this old shit, I think tyeada started it, called blog tag. You start a story, tag a blogger and they continue it. Fuck the stupid religion shit. Let's do this. You get tagged continue it, don't be a fagget.

Once there was an alcoholic. His name was unimportant, his job? A baker, long respected back in his younger days, now, most remembered not. Most of the younger generation that frequented his resturaunt never saw or heard from the man who cooked the food they loved. His anger was incredible. Deep and jarred, waiting to burst, some day to affect all in range. The poor man did his work, day in and out, waiting for a break, one day his gun collection would come into use.

Letemdangle take that shit.
Frogbob Uploaded 02/01/2013
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