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Speaking Of Kingdoms


If you dig shit like knights and kings and dragons, you prolly already know. Yup, it's almost march 2013. Which means? Yes! The Game Of Thrones comes back with another fantastic season.

To those who didn't read the book - there's gonna be surprising twists. For example? Joffrey gets poisoned and dies. Robb Stark gets executed and his wolf thingy beast's head gets sewn onto his corpse. Jon Snow dies. Arya marries the assassin. And dies. Bran starts moving his legs and dies. Daenerys doesn't die. But her friendzoned knight that loves her dies. Aria's ugly older sister runs away and gets killed. Sersei doesn't die but gets sentenced for treason and has her head shaved as has to walk the walk of shame naked as punishment. Hodor dies. Loras doesn't die (which is great, because he's the cutest character). The Hound's horse dies.

If you don't want to learn spoilers, you better not read the above paragraph. Take care, guys!

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