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Top 10 Mardi Gras Floats


by David Stewart


#10. King Swan



Swans are known for their grace and elegance and this royal bird is no exception and with a rope of sunflowers coyily in it's mouth, this Feathered Monarch makes quite the impression.


#9. Satan 



A jolly sight at Mardi Gras, Lucifer and his flaming skulls excite the senses and the imagination of the crowd.

#8 Money Toliet 


 source: Krewe of D' Etat 

Making a statement regarding taxation, this well informed Krewe used the powerful imagery of the toliet to turn their float into a mobile protest. 

#7 Vader



A staple of Mardi Gras and All Around General Folk Hero, Darth Vader sets a celebratory tone for any Mardi Gras Function.  



#6 Satan, again



The Devil returns again in this float, this time with tradmark goatee and bright red eyes; the Master of Darkness is here to party!


#5 Three Headed Gator Playing Guitar


 source: Krewe of O' Keanos 

Nothing says Mardi Gras like a Three Headed Alligator smiling at you while it rocks on a Pink Stratocaster. This reptilian cerberus is many things, striking, bold and unforgettable. 


#4 Hulk Hogan



Another time tested favorite with the throng of celebrators, Hulkamania is again unleashed when the sight of this powerful individual comes rolling by. 

 #3 Big Gator


source: Carol M Highsmith

Chomp! Watch your fingers! this giant gator is surrounded by men dressed themselves as alligators, sights like this are what keeps the crowd coming year after year.


   #2 Kiss



Gene Simmons would be proud with this bust of his Demon character from legendary rock band Kiss, looking like an gothic George Washington, bare chest puffed foward.



#1 Tiger Woods



The Great Tiger Woods is the star of this float, towering over a raging inferno in his trademark golfing apparel. Hole in one! 

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