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The croak ( i guess) Letemdangles

frogbob:god dammit dangle lets do an interview
7:19pmLetemdangle:I'd be happy about it though
7:20pmFrogbob:i aint done a croak in a long time
 hey there dangle
7:20pmFrogbob:how ya beenwhat u feel about them new world order folks
7:21pmLetemdangle:Fair to middling
7:21pmFrogbob:got dangit china bought ought ur canadian oir lines wutchu thank bout that
7:21pmLetemdangle:The folks specifically?
7:21pmFrogbob:canadia drillin all this oil up n china jes taken it all
7:22pm merkans too environmental to take it i sposewut u think bout it
7:23pmgot dangit dangle u bes respond before i end this interview
7:23pmLetemdangle: Obama, in order to appease the Green noisers cut off our oil
7:24pmFrogbob: what do you think about leaf erickson
7:24pmLetemdangle: It will cause the cost of energy to spike
7:25pmFrogbob: what do you think about the french
7:25pmLetemdangle: And his friends will benefit as only they will have the contracts to supply energy. 7:25pmFrogbob: the ones who fought for your indepenence in particilar
7:26pmLetemdangle: I never look at people as a group. People must be judged as individuals
7:27pmFrogbob: how do you think napolean feels about that statement if he wuz livin to this day
7:27pmLetemdangle: He would ask for more morphine.
7:28pmBRB, getting drink
7:28pmFrogbob: ifin it wasn't for him you would be kissin a god damn 50 year old english womans ass
7:30pmLetemdangle: I already do.

Frogbob Uploaded 02/06/2013
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