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Sarah palen and newt gingrich sex scandal

The footage was barely discovered yesterday, it was incredible, slop absolutely everywhere Sarah   Palens vagina was just a stinking slop deposit. Gingrich was ruthless ripping the dingleberries from palens snatch hair, Gingrich gently licked and suckled on palens dingle berries. Palen than began sharting in gingrichs mouth while she licked the salty syrupy sweat from his saggy filthy testicles. She spit the smelly sweat into gingrichs mouth and it formed a colorful shit, sweat, piss, vomit mixture. The mixture was pored over gingrichs sweaty old saggy dick, he then stuck it in her asshole, and than that's when the slopping began, the slop went everywhere, slop was squirting all over the place, it was the worst smell ever.
CrackrockJack Uploaded 02/09/2013
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