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Unwarranted threats from Mrnotsocooljerk


How dare MrCO-olguy threaten to publicize my account on terrorist sites in order to have me hurt or killed. This user should be immediately removed from eBaum's world. In case he tries to remove the evidence I have posted it here. I will be making a formal complaint to the management of this site and presenting the evidence to my superiors, where I am sure they will launch an investigation into this most heinous crime. I thought internet bullying was frowned upon and against the law. What a not so cool jerk! He's even making a gun jester in his avatar! That's a direct threat. Take this guy out before some one gets hurt!!!

MrCO_olGuy-1321558014.jpgMrCO_olGuyFeb 18, 2013 3:23pmill be posting your account and that youre a drone pilot all over al-jazeera and other congregations where angry muslims gather to bad mouth the USA. LOL LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS. MAYBE NOTHING, MAYBE SOMETHING :)
Phylisio Uploaded 02/18/2013
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