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I'm here, you're queer, get used to it.


Just wanted to start this little blog off with a thank you in advance for the welcoming basket full of your bitch fail troll attempts. I've seen a whole shitload of people bitch and moan about how GIFs and shitty attempts at Photoshopping keep winning the contests. Yeah, I agree. To an extent. GIFs and MS Paint created pictures that my retarded first grade niece could top should never win a contest. But who's dumbass fault is it that they win? Is it the site's? If that's what you believe, you probably should have been a blowjob. The people who choose the winners are none-other than you bunch of fuckups. You voted them in. So stop bitching, start voting for people with some real talent and a real sense of humor, and shut the fuck up.

ShroomStamp Uploaded 02/27/2013
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