10 uses for Canadian Coins

Screw you Canada and your coins. First you get us all addicted to maple syrup. Then you send your geese down to attack random people. Then you tell everyone you discovered bacon by calling a piece of ham...Canadian bacon. Now you try to take over the US economy by way of your useless coins. I consider these acts of terrorism and under the Patriot Act I am pretty sure I can have you arrested and detained indefinitely.
This what Bacon is supposed took like you assholes!
I am pretty sure you bred and trained these geese to attack the kind people of this nation. Geese are not supposed to act like this!
1. Drill a whole and make a washer for a screw or bolt.
2. Same idea applies for use # 2. This is for people with micro-penis syndrome. Simply punch out the middle and have your very own cock ring.
I am pretty sure Canada makes their coins out of lead form China and recycled aluminum from America. So be careful.

3.Make jewelry out of Canadian coins.
Then you can sell them back to Canadians at 10,000 times what they are worth.Take that Canada!

4. Throw them in a wishing fountain.
See, this guy is smart and is wearing protective gear while collecting Canadian coins out of the wishing fountain.

5. Give the to Letemdangle. He is a blogger here at Ebaums. He is currently being over taxed by the Canadian government. He could use all the help he can get.
Private message him for his address.

6. Put them in a vending machine and cause a general ruckus at your office or work place.
You want to piss off that lady that crunches on cheetohs and chocolate bars while you're trying to work and lead a healthy life style? Do as I say and you will succeed.

7. Give them to homeless people.
This will piss off a homeless person more than telling them you don't speak english in plain english.

8. Do magic tricks with them. That way when they disappear you won't care.
Look at this douche! He isn't getting laid anytime soon.

9. Give them to charities during Christmas time.
That way you don't look like a cheap asshole while exiting Walmart with your 2 carts of useless gifts.

10. I couldn't think of anything else. So here is a lady wearing American bacon panties.
Uploaded 03/18/2013
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