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A Little Lesson in Theft: The Chicago Chronicles


The following is based on actual recent events in the Chicago area, over the weekend of April 27-28:

   An older gentleman here at my work was working with me most of the day yesterday, and somehow let the whole day go by without telling me a story that I needed to hear. Recently, someone close to him was very unfortunately diagnosed with throat cancer. After having found out, other friends and family came to town to visit with him, one family including a couple the guy I work with is related to, from the Chicago area. 

   Over the weekend, this couple gets a call from their daughter.Back home in Chicago, this family knows of another family who recently left to go on vacation for 2 weeks in the Bahamas. The daughter was house and dog sitting for the family on vacation, and upon arriving to their house,unfortunately found that this families old dog had passed away. Not knowing what to do, she calls her parents here in Ohio, panicking, because like I said,the family is in the Bahamas. No cell service. "Take the dog to the vet", the parents told her.  "I didnt drive! I took the transit system here!" she told them.

   After giving it a few seconds of thought, the mother replied"Do you see anything large you could carry it in? Perhaps a suitcase or something similar?" Unfortunately, the story goes on from here."Yeah, they have a large suitcase". So, yes. She grows the, uhhhh courage (?), to give this crazy thought a try. So, lugging this 40lb deceased dog around in a large suitcase on the railway, she apparently shows signs of struggle to continue hauling this thing around. "Can I give you a hand with that?" a stranger behind her mutters. "Oh sure, thank you" she generously replies. 

   "WOW! This is heavy! What do you have in here? Electronics?!?" the kind man asks. Unsure at first of how to lie without looking suspicious, she's able to fire back a "Oh, yeah. A bunch of old electronics." Success! Not a single suspicious thought from the man or other surrounding patrons.

   Everything is going exactly as planned. Deceased K9 packed in suitcase, transit ticket purchased, train boarded. Only 3 stops to go before arriving at her destination. However, tragedy struck upon arriving at stop #2. The good samaritan we met 2 paragraphs ago suddenly perks up and rapidly approaches, much like most do when they've suddenly realized that this is their stop, and as we all know, have to beat the closing doors before becoming trapped on board until the next stop. This gentleman was not leaving empty handed however. Swift and quick, he snatches up this suitcase full of "electronics" and out the door he goes. Doors close, trains move on, he disappears from sight. 

   Upon arriving home I can only imagine how he bragged to his buddies about all the electronics he successfully ripped off of an unsuspecting victim... Only to be forever harassed by his buddies and learning a lesson and hopefully getting a job.

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