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A white guy walks into a bar and the bartender says, "no tabs tonight, the machines aren't working". So the gentleman ordered a few extra drinks, as the bar was rather busy and he was eager to keep his seat. Behind him approached a large black woman. "No tabs tonight",said the bartender, " the machines aren't working". She ordered several drinks for her and her friends and presented to the bartender a credit card. "no tabs tonight, the machines aren't working" , as the bartender didn't bother taking her card as his hands were busy washing dishes behind the bar. "Oh hell no", the black woman gasped "I'm about to get my ball on, what you mean no blacks"! "No tabs tonight",said the bartender. So the large black woman behind the other large black woman proceeded to chimp out on the bartender. The police were called and the unruly chimp session was soon taken to a van and escorted from the premises. As the night drew on the white gentleman waived for the waitress. She returned the docket for a signature and as the gentleman was signing it he looked up to the smiling bartender.
Hoblem Uploaded 05/29/2013
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