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Three Good Reasons to Believe in God (PART TWO)


This being must be personal, as its existence outside of space and time means it cannot be physical or material. It therefor can only be abstract  - like a number, or a personal mind. Abstract objects cannot be the cause of anything, leaving only a personal, all powerful, eternal, transcendent mind which exists outside of space and time.

The Atheist must believe the Universe came from nothing, and by nothing, breaking all foundations of Science and reason they claim to love so much.

The best scientific evidence points to the existence of God.

Teleological Evidence:
In recent decades scientists have been stunned by the discovery that the original conditions of the big bang were fine tuned for the existence of intelligent life with a precision and delicacy which literally defies human comprehension. When the laws of nature are expressed as mathematical equations, you find appearing in them certain constants, like the gravitational constant.

It is estimated that there are some 50 fundamental numbers or physical constants present at the moment of the Big Bang that must be precisely fine-tuned in the way they were for human life to become possible.

Physicist Paul Davies calculated that in order for planets to exist, the relevant initial conditions had to be fine tuned to a precision of one part in 10 followed by a thousand billion billion zeroes at least. For electromagnetism, he estimated a change of only one part in 10 to the power of 40 would have spelled disaster for stars, like our sun, thereby precluding the existence of planets.

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