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Three Good Reasons to Believe in God (PART 5)


Therefor, we are confronted with universal, objective Moral Laws, written inexplicably in all of our hearts. If there are objective Moral Laws, there must be a Law-Giver, and this can -only- be God, who has written it in our hearts.

The best an Atheist can claim, is that these laws are evolutionary, which I think he already been refuted, however, their position also infers that breaking these laws isn't really "bad", it is just "taboo", due to social evolution, so there is nothing inherently "bad", about raping someone and then murdering them, as-long as it is never found out and thus has no further implications for society.

If God did not exist, objective moral values and duties would not exist. Objective moral values and duties do exist. From which it follows logically and inescapably that, therefore, God exists.

phukyanks Uploaded 06/08/2013
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