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Ass Written Five Times


What ever happened to that fuckin' 'Numa-Numa' kid? Is he famous now for making an ass of himself? Is this what the public likes? I'm not famous, maybe I should get fat and make an ass of myself, I've already accomplished one of the two. But whenever I eat (I'm a stoner, I eat a shitload of food in one sitting. Even when I wasn't a pothead--a kid--I've always eaten so), it doesn't seem to make an impression on my unfat ass. This blog is kinda pointless I know. But I'll tell you what isn't: One Piece! And DragonForce, I'm listening to them right now and they're kicking so much ass in my ear!!!! Yeeahh!! Rock on DragonForce!!!!!!!!!!

Still, I don't think I want to be famous. Ass.

There that's five times exactly.

!Gracias para leer!


jenson_q Uploaded 08/05/2008
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