The Lurkers

After chatting with a couple of "old timers" recently, those would be the people who used to blog here on a regular/semi regular basis, I've learned that some of you lurk occasionally. I know, as well as you do, who you are but I'm going to list your names here anywho.........

DeunanKnutejoe_chemo2005TyaedaHunterDadBiseSchapShezagoddess (sp?)GIJoebigDbigWstrghtjcktgrlMajorfatheadlaptopiaNO_U/Deevofuzzywuzzy666rinpipedreamsVdubTurtleRednoteLetemdanglemilestyles55 (sp?)DawnthiefGaradainTomletSparks158

If, by chance, I forgot you I apologize profusely!!! The above list of people are what I call the "old timers". These were the people that made the blog section fun, interesting, annoying, depressing, intriguing, repulsive.....etc......etc. I know some of you lurk about in the shadows. STOP LURKING!!! Come back!!! Let's make the blog section the place it used to be! NO....scratch that...let's make it better than it used to be! I will write EPIC BLOGOCITY like I used to. It would only take two or three of us to make this pathetic excuse for a blog section respectable again. If by chance you happen to glance upon this and don't want to just jump right in then please feel free to PM me. :)

Disjointed Deunan
Uploaded 07/04/2013
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