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The Greatest Fear of the Atheist!


I'll admit that current science and religious beliefs are juxtaposed. Well,  they are both at some level wrong or at least incomplete. So why worry about it? Sure, the path of the scientist is more easily grasped and is a more level headed approach to the secrets of the universe, but lets face it, many generations will have passed on before we make any dents into the secrets of the universe. Not that there is anything wrong with the slowly evolving nature of man against the vastly superior evolution of the universe as we collect tiny bits of data onto a ever expanding plane of silica and lose connection with our central theme of who we are. The universe will move on with or without us. The last stop has by default left the atheist all alone with no where to go.  But they will collect stamps and monitor the traffic.  
Letemdangle Uploaded 07/07/2013
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