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Where is the world going?

  I almost hate to ask this.  On one hand, science has made leaps and bounds toward new discoveries and technologies.  Socially, we don't really seem to be making any progress.  Take a moment to look back.  Ask your parents about what their life was like when they were your age.  Ask your grandparents as well.  In terms of technology, I suspect the answers will be pretty much the same.  Amazement at the rapid progress.  Opinions on the progress fall in the social category, though.  Let us look at social progress.  It wasn't long ago that countries were sailing around 'claiming' land.  Columbus "discovered" america?  That must have been a surprise to the people that lived here.  "I hereby claim this, because I have the army that can invade and defend this".   Socially, this is what we are pre-programmed for.  Groups of people forming so they can exert their will over other groups of people.  Not for 'good', just for power and control.   Perhaps colonizing Mars would be a good thing.  Either it would be a communal effort for the good of all, or it would be some sort of sick, death oriented TV show.
  I feel sad for people, and the suffering people cause. 
portablejohn Uploaded 07/14/2013
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