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Movie review of "The Wolverine"

Should you watch The Wolverine? Simple answer, yes. Should you watch it if you are not a comic fan? Yes. Should you watch it if you are a comic book fan? If you actually question if that's an option, then, please, walk in front of oncoming traffic. You're unworthy of being any degree of a comic book or movie fan. Can you bring younger kids, 10ish or younger? Your call, there are some nasty ass scenes, but if they were like I was, messed up, then it's all good. Can you bring your girlfriend? Yes. The love story will actually intrigue them and I seen a lot of the women folk while I was there. More importantly, should you stay until after the initial credits? HELL YES!!! You MUST stay after the first set of credits roll past. Just. Do. It. Should you stay until after the whole credits go through? No. I stayed to make sure and all I found out is they filmed in Australia and that the movie made a couple thousands of hours of work for people (seriously). Last most important question: is there nudity? No, not worthy of being actually being called nudity or worthwhile. This is seriously the definitive Wolverine movie. Go. Fucking. Watch. It.
NotfakeMcFaker Uploaded 07/26/2013
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