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The Inner Workings of the Discombobulated Penis Factory (Part 2)

Many years came and went, he plied his trade and created the industry into secret, eventually making the rival organization to the Illuminati, the Discombobulated Penis Factory. The DPF was more secretive, more discerning, and more bloody then any then or before. While the illuminati took its many forms through the years (Bilderbergs, Rothchilds, Nazi's, Poe from the Teletubbies) it was the DPF that was REALLY pulling the strings. Remember world war two? started because of hitler, right? Wrong. The DPF saw that men were coming back from wars, and wives were then being satisfied with out aide from the DPF. This angered the secret DPF council greatly, who then enacted their fiendish plot to start the war, using their members position of influence to start the war. Remember Area 51? Wanna know what's really there? Headquarters of the DPF. They were testing super lubricated metallic a lot that fateful night the "UFO" crashed. And they did everything to hide it. And everyone took the bait. Remember 911? That was Al Quideas, Queadas, Quesaadilla, whatever, bin Ladens response to him being cut from the council. Who else would put two giant phallic shaped buildings in a major city? Yup. The DPF.
NotfakeMcFaker Uploaded 07/27/2013
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