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The inner workings of the Discombobulated Penis Factory (Part 4)

Now, they control government, media, and the means of production to all plastics and alloys for sex toy manufacture. I tracked the trucks that deliver and make the goods up the supply chain until I came to... 1694 Dreschel Way, Lancaster PA. It's a non descript, rather plain building from the outside. It's just down the street from this bakery that makes delightful scones, really go try them if you're ever there. But, the building, I snuck into it after dark. Using my ninja training and stealth skills gained from years of Metal Gear Solid and Splibter Cell gaming, I entered the inner sanctum of the Discombobulated Ones. 
I was scared. Large groaning machines were making plaster dicks everywhere. One of them was so big it couldve took my head off. My real head, not "that" head. Then I heard it. Screaming. Moaning. Crying. I was drawn to it, but scared for what I'd find. Pulling back a curtain, and I seen it. I seen it all. Centuries of secret rituals and ways before my eyes. Oprah, with the vibra-snatch stretch 5000, two Amish men, directing the workings of Oprahs toy while Obama sat staring, breathing heavy, but not moving. A Peruvian midget used what appeared to be a 5 headed dildo on a man wearing only the mask part of Poes costume. Chaos everywhere. Then on the walls, there wrre tv screens, filled with information about stock markets, military weaknesses, chiro receipes. Everything at least 5 years into the future. 
NotfakeMcFaker Uploaded 07/27/2013
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