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Once upon a time there was a blog

Once upon a time there was a blog that someone was trying to write on They typed and they typed, then they posted it, and the website cut off the majority of what was typed! Now, all the boys and girls of ebaumsworld were concerned, because they gave about a thimble sized fuck about the blogs. But others were really upset, because they wanted to share more than a paragraph. So one day an Ebaumer emailed the website, but they did not reply. So the Ebaumer tried again and again to post, with different computers and browsers, and servers and fonts, and bold and highlighted, and underscored and not! Some blogs came through no problem, but they were about crap stuff like plumbing services or how to make the foreskin of your penis look like its tap dancing. But the website continued to cut off the poor Ebaumers blogs before they were done. One day, the mean blog troll, called Broll, made a poor Ebaumer type the minimum amount of words, but then cut off the blog anyways! The poor Ebaumer ran home, crying to his mommy, holding his butt because the butt hurt burned! Just like when uncle Jim came over, but Jim had the decency to give a reach around and to use lube, and ebaumsworld didn't! But one day a fearless Ebaumer went to Broll and said "you imaginary fucktard, let me post my blog." But Broll made that Ebaumer bite his pillow. And it was never known if the poor citizens of ebaumsworld were ever allowed to post full blogs or if the website would get back to them about what was happening or how to remedy the problem. The end..... ?
NotfakeMcFaker Uploaded 07/29/2013
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