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To be honest; I have trouble saying that this website, and the people on it, have helped me through the darkest part of my life so far. Searching for the humor in life, I looked to the internet. While I couldn't find it, the people here showed me the "fuck-it-ness" that I had been lacking. Depressive as it may seem, the world is full of funny, wierd, amazing, and unreal shit.We don't realize it now, but the internet (the few people who use it correctly) is one of the most, if not the most, amazings tools in our known reality. Could the internet be the metaphor that the Buddha is?As much shit as this website spews, I really think that this is a like minded group. Predjudices aside, we all like observing the "ways of the world", correct? Take frankie1984 for instance, I watched a video of his and saw a shit storm a'comin. Nope, almost all positive; save the few contrarian remarks. The dude's internet predation, but he's recognized here! This kind of thing "we" have here is amazing! (never thought I'd say that)
demapples Uploaded 08/05/2013
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