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how to skin a rabbit


You're lost in the woods and set up some traps. You hear a snap and a small danimal russtlin around. Oh you caught a rabbit, woopdy fuckin doo, what do you do now? I'm hear to teach ya. The first step is to kill the poor wabbit.


Now that he's dead an stopped fighting you, hang his hind leg on a convenient hook. Those cheap screw in ones you use for pictures will work just fine, unless you got one of those giant jack rabbits.


Next thing you need to do is use your knife to peel all the fur off. Make a slice down the belly and carefully peel the skin/fur off. If you're good enough you can save it to make somethin out of.

Next step, removing the poop tubes.


For that part, you need to make a deeper cut, make a circle cut around the butt hole, then a cut from that all the way up to the breast bone. Use your hands and pull all the guts intestines and what not out. You don't want that shit.

After that section off the legs and cut the meat into pieces, or just bake the whole body. Generally you want to remove the head but some of you sick fucks eat that shit. Yum yum eye balls n brains

Frogbob Uploaded 08/10/2013
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