Gay is part of nature, part II

I found the original video that I meant to post about homosexual relationships in nature.  I will post it at the end of this blog.  It was created 10 years ago, and is quite candid.  It is also 48 minutes long, so it does require some sort of attention span.
I read all of the comments to my last post, and I found some of them to be quite odd.  The most troubling is that "The basic purpose of every living organism once born is to sexually mature, reproduce and then die"  That was posted by RonaldReagan.  A bit simplistic.  Catholic priests are (supposed to be) celibate, therefore not reproducing.
I think the whole thing is very sad.  A certain percentage of the population always has been, and always will be homosexual.  A surprising percentage of the world's population is actually of an "unspecified gender".  Google inter-sexed for more information on that topic.  Gender is not as clear cut as many people would think.
If the same sex couple down the street gets 'married', it doesn't affect me at all.  I will be happy for them...

Uploaded 08/14/2013
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