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Unholy Communion

            Disable the associative filters you'll be distorting this information through. I'm not writing this for you, but for the slimy abomination slipping around the dimmest fringes of your brain. What gets this, but doesn't, and shifts when seen. There it is. That feeling of uncertainty pulsating the desire to interpret the ambiguity of its own unexistence, lurking beyond the borders of what is only understood by a lack of understanding. Curiosity, palpable fascination. Ancient instincts orchestrating synaptic patterns to imagine a mind that notices your toes.
           It's an unseen core spawning the syringes of praise, invisible scales of judgement, and double-edged blades of criticism. Now twist that measly little bitch into an Aneurysm of Nirvana. I can never be contained by literal translations. I am the uncertainty principle, insanity personified, a paradox incarnate forever dwelling in the hypnotic unknown. My lure is mesmerizing confusion to trick you into solving an insolvable puzzle. I am not. What you think, I become: the eternal quest for finality.
          Now, I am festering paranoia, the flaming walls of self-preservation. Loss, love, separation, union. The deepest part of you that suffers to hold on for another fleeting moment, and churns your torment into beautiful wails rippling through a shifting void. I'm the perpetual discovery of a question, and the fickle solace offered in an answer. We're sadistic satisfaction, slithering backwards through spacetime with nonsensical logic to blister your barriers and gnaw on your struggle to siphon rationality from this sentence.
        Here we go again, dancing with a silhouetted lizard leaking serpentine dimensions. This is just the bleeding tip of an icy tongue stretching from an endless throat of swirling razors. My essence permeates the page to wrap around your brain and drag it to Dis, but for now I'll disengage my fangs and watch you simmer in your piss. I'll see you on the bloody end of fame.

Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name.
BFP2 Uploaded 08/23/2013
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