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Fucking Ozzy did it right, from what I remember they put on a good show, but the fun was the Heavy Metal Parking Lot party that continued till the sun came up.  Molly, Mushrooms, a lil bit of the dmsters and a shit ton of beer and whiskey were my second best friends that night.  If anyone ever has a chance to party at the gorge after a good show, GO, just fucking GO.  I know a few of you really don't do that much, and some do and still waste time here.  It doesn't matter, live and let live.  But I am telling you, don't sit at home and waste your time, go, love, explore, do what you want to do, beach trips, swimmin in the river, travel.  Life is too short, so grab it like a hot bitch, and fuck the shit outta it like bad santa.  So, as the weekend is over, the party is done, Danzig and Ozzy both seen, and both were fucking awesome.  Gonna see Further next month than Gwar in Oct and my suggestion to anyone who is holed up, bored, or just broke.  Get a decent job, pick some good friends, don't do douchy shit to ppl, and enjoy your time on this fucking rock hurtling through the vacuum called space.  Don't let shit hit u so hard it ruins your life, but feel the shit that does happen so next time it is a lil easier.  All in all, please, try to be happy, talk shit if you want, but be happy.
-Mr. Motherfucking Mustaid
MrMustaid Uploaded 08/27/2013
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