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Life is priceless, but every man has dog-tag and a plow to push
Fortune-telling beasts of burden
Free to harvest a home from a ghost farm soiled by Pentagrams
Calloused by the blood spilled from the addictive devolution of reason
Looking down the barrel of another man's pipe dream
Blindly marching until blue in the face
Deranged by frustration
Caught in a crib fashioned in the ribs of gluttonous cabals
Jokers in the ever-changing hands
Traded under the table by Kings in castles made of sand

King of Thieves

Botched abortion of the prodigal son
Virtue soured by the mutual ingestion of flesh
Sword-eating, fire-breathing throat slitter
Iron-maiden-masked, Zodiac Killer
Clunky Pagliacci, cannibalistic soapbox prophet
Those preachy whines are grounded to pulp by the choir you abhor
Each crazed by the abrasions from biting the necks of stubborn barnacles
Leaching the pudgy bellies of blood-drunk authority
Silhouetted by the shadows of a ravenous chameleon breed
Silver-tongued gentlemen addicted to the grip of vice
Bottom-feeding piranha in a barrel sum up to the lowest common denominator
A memento mori for the armless iconoclast bleeding afloat in a city of thieves

Pandora's Puzzle Box

Sleuthing in a labyrinth composed of jigsawed walls
Puppet-string thread around his neck
Hunting a lost cause
Alcohol canister depleting in a desert of toxic waste
Life scribbled in a corner
Standing shifting ground
Sticking to watercolor guns
Frantically painting synthesized specters
Tinting the windows of his consciousness
Haunted by villains shifting in the wind
Distorted by the endless inversions of sense

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