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recipe: 5 gallons hard apple cider

This recipe me and my brother came up with, and got drunk and said lets do this. Me and him both have pretty good understand of how alcohol is made etc etc. White lightnin'... 5 gal treetop apple juice...5 cups brown sugar...1 can Seneca Apple Juice concentrate...5 Tbsp Selena Hops...WHP 775 English Cider Yeast
We were hoping for around 1050 O.G. and hit 1060, all the more alcohol.
Boil concentrate with a little treetop disolve the brown sugar, add half the order of hops in at the time of boil, continue 15minutes. Pour mixture into fermentation vessel add the rest of the treetop and hops, yeast. Ferment a week. Bottle, back sweeten. Condition a week. Boom. Hard apple cider. around 6-7 % alcohol per volume. delish. 
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