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Deion Sanders

hopped out the stephens, point blank with the paper, werewolf taper, full moon and a gate keeper. 40 point diamonds and i'm stopped, train station; haunted house *****ing with the ghost and the grape print. Muzzles off, take it off the top where the seals be, pissy legislation well it might be a tensley, might pull a hotsauce, might pull houdini, don't worry about the locksmith, i'm used to pulling houdinis. used to pulling models, all they want is fame and fortune; egyptian queen, sarasota transporting, baking soda, female virgins on persians; got them curves in the bikinis, t.v. screens and seaweed, pirate ships and treasure. yessir.
unzippingMyFLy Uploaded 09/28/2013
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Tags: lol riff raff


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