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"Gravity" Movie Review

How can this movie be summed up in the most simplest way? Fucking Intense. Should you bring your kids? Well... that's a parent call. There are some gruesome scenes, the swearing isn't anything they wouldn't hear on Fox at night, but mostly its the adult themes they probably wouldn't get. The graphics are jaw dropping, not "riding a CGI lizard through an enemy camp and no one cares" jaw dropping (thanx Maddox), the scenes are amazing. An-under-10-year-old-kid would like the pretty awesome scenes in outer space, but the overall themes would probably be over their head. The action and graphics, like I said, are totally insane. Are there any after credit scenes? No. Don't bother waiting around when it ends. Is this a date movie? Hell Yes! And FINALLY, but MOST IMPORTANT: IS THERE NUDITY? Not exactly. Sandra Bullock is in spandex short shorts, and, well.... she works out. Very fit. Very.... much worth looking at. I don't care what you think. She's hot.

NotfakeMcFaker Uploaded 10/05/2013
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