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UFC - What's Long Gone and What is Gonna Happen in the Future

Right off the bat, what there will never be in the UFC ever again, no weight differences, for example, 150lb'ers VS 250lb'ers. This is very obvious to the fans. But to the uneducated lay person, they'll not understand that regulations and governing bodies only allow weight classes. Yes, you may see it in some underground fight, but it won't be happening on PPV. Catch weight fights? Of course. Speaking of which, you'll probably see more of that when the better fighters become more established in their weight classes. With more and more fighters able to rise to the top and stay there, if the division is cleaned out, then they'll either do champ VS champ super fight, or a catch weight fight versus a popular fighter in a different weight class.

What else is gone? Shane Carwin, he is retired now, and I believe the brawlers will not last as long as the skills needed to stay in the UFC won't let a all-or-nothing fighter stick around without taking serious damage. With that being said, fighters who are not either well established or have at least 10 good wins, won't be seen in the UFC. There is so many smaller shows and other organizations where they can bulk up on wins, a 1-0 fighter won't be given a chance unless they are VERY good, insanely popular, or have lots of wins in other martial arts (a la' WonderBoy Thompson).

The Ultimate Fighter, my crystal ball says they'll be changing the format sometime in the near future. Not as in males and females in the same house, or different regions; I mean changing it to a more mainstream format and feel with more advertisers and "Fox Presents..." stuff.

Something that you will see more of: regional promotions that are under the UFC banner. UFC China, UFC Canada, UFC India, UFC Brazil, etc. with their own champs and all that, will probably happen. The main UFC will still be there for the absolute best, but only the absolute best. With major and established fighters being cut from the roster (aka Jon Fitch, Chek Congo, etc.), odds are the UFC will expand its resources to regional shows and still hold onto the stars.

Something else that may likely change: head kicks on a downed opponent.
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