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Friday News Connection


Starting this weeks connection, kitty food. Not a play on words for "pussy," so this article is safe for work. Also, people are protesting this kitty food. Weird.


The recipe is at this link:



Technology makes things better. But it has holes and flaws, everyone knows that. Prisoners in the U.S.A may know those flaws. They may know those flaws almost too well...


The escape plan is here:



How many times have you been writing something, then it ends up online without your consent for everyone to see and make fun of? It happens all the time to those poor, financially ruined Hollywood producers, directors, and barely-squeaking-by actors. Now they're making things a little more secure.


The leaked story is here:



Addicted to Meth? Like, c'mon, who isn't? But, Thailand has an interesting idea to get people off the drug.


The article (in English) is below:



Finally, Project Censored. It tracks the stories that are being largely ignored in the mainstream news. Mainstream meaning the big corporate companies, papers, websites, etc. Check around this website some time. The link below rates #6 on the Project Censored list of ignored stories for 2011-2012. It's a study by the University of Zurich showing definitively how only some companies control about 40% of the global economy. This links to the study, and some articles about it.


Check it out here:



Merry Christmas!   .... Sorry, I suffer from premature congratulation. I meant to say: "See you next week"

P.S. Anyone know how to link articles directly into the blogs on here? Just wondering 

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