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Pulling Something out of an Ass!


I was readying my BBQ for some slow cooked charcoal broiled prime rib when I heard my dog yelping. Glancing over,  he was rubbing his arse on my rhubarb, I was about ready to laugh thinking some wasp just stung his arse. However, on closer observation it appeared more serious. Not a laughing matter. I saw a ten inch portion of what looked like a tape worm hanging out his rectum. Just as I felt the need to speed him over to the vet, it dawned on me. That little hound ate the string from the previous nights pork roast. I gently removed it from his puckered ass and all was well.  Poor thing ran into the house looking like he just got butt raped.

Letemdangle Uploaded 10/21/2013
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