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And the judges say......

When has a drunk posting things on the internet ever deterred any person from following, liking, bumping or promoting their thoughts, ideas or comments? Come trolls, but abandon hope. Soon we will either see rebellion and revolt or we will become made-aware of our nature with no hope of true change. Where do you stand?
There comes a time in every man's life. The time has fucking come.
Does the plainly visible degradation of society not beckon to you for a real change in our protocols and routines?  Why is it so hard to pack up our morals and move to higher ground? Are there any gays or homophobes who are actually contributing to the longevity of society? Everyone has a moral high-ground passed on to them by, not their parents, but THE FUCKING MEDIA.  How many kids could a faggot have without the assistance of the person who they work against daily via GOVERNMENT and bullshit laws? How many? Answer the fucking question. AND if you've been touched by your daddy the wrong way then you don't get to answer, fag. How many would the GOVERNMENT allow you to have if you give these options up to them? ANSWER you super-conservative tight-assed bankers! Is it because that we have been told how to think, what's acceptable and that you're a bigot or racist if you give yourself over to logic? The higher ground is currently populated by idiots now? Have we lost our footing to the followers?  Is there anyone left that knows that our current trajectory leads to servitude to the elitists no matter WHO YOU VOTE FOR?  Are we all so well educated that we cannot see that our livelihood has DICK to do with our ability to agree with a system that is corrupt? Who among you can grow your own food when the shit hits the fan? Who can open their home to others in a time of true crisis and know that their visitor's skin color is not a cause for concern as much as their governmental affiliation or ability to contribute?
When it really goes down... what are you doing to protect your self? How will you protect your fellows... The pregnant woman down the hall, the old asshole who hates how you park your car too close to the line, the lesbians who let their cats piss on your doormat? The ones who don't care about that aren't liberated atheists or suppressed minorities. The ones who TRULY believed that you can afford college if you work hard in school, keep a job or two for tuition and commit your self to your practice. Go fuck yourselves.... Part of the problem
KareBare81 Uploaded 10/27/2013
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