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drain problem II


well if you read my last blog about my drainage problem, where i pulled an animal out, you get a small idea how much my yard/drivway floods.  today the same flooding happened, and i go outside to see what the problem was.  the only thing going through my mind was "great, another racoon" but to my surprise, theres nothing.  but i go down to my basement to get a rake and see if theres any shit under the grille of the drain. i walk down a few steps, and see my entire basement is flooded with about 2 inches of water, and find my cats seeking refuge from the water on my canoe, which is floating.  i go save the cats, and get my rake. but find no brush to clean.



so i have come to a conclusion. my drain just plain sucks.


time to call the town.


thank you for listening

sublime01 Uploaded 08/06/2008
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