You have got to be fucking kidding me.

Today i went on the Greyhound bus, (don't now if it it's GRAY or GREY, but what the fuck ever) only to find out its packed fuller than 25 Mexicans in a Honda civic. I find one seat and guess who it's next to? Guess, go on... I'ts not a celebrity. It's a guy with Tourettes. Yes. A guy with fucking Tourettes Syndrome. The only fuckin seat in the Greyhound is next to some random mother fucker who likes to flail his arms around, shouting " FUCK" and "SHIT" and other, incomprehensible words. And what was worse...he was gay. I kid you not. Let me tell you what happened. I'm sleeping an suddenly i get hit in the chest. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" I yell, and look at him. He says: "sorry, sexy, but I have TOURETTES"(The last word is in caps,cuz he yelled it.) I'm just staring at him, like, did he just call me sexy??? I was sort of drowsy, so i let it slip, until he fuckin hits me again. This time i snap and tell him that i don't care what the fuck he has, If he hits me one more fucking time I swear to fuckin jesus I'll break his goddamn face. Then he tells me to calm down, woo-woo-woo, and asks if a handjob would make me happy. And he yells handjob, just to make it worse. I couldn't take anymore, When we hit the next location, which was 3 states from my destination , I grab my shit and get the fuck off, and good thing too, cuz more people were coming on. Just to set some shit straight from the people who are going to start caling me a homophobe and shit, I'm not. I have 2 gay friends (lesbians) and my cuzo has a gay uncle who's cool as hell. I don't care who the fuck I hand around with, you can be gay, straight, bi, a tranny, what the fuck ever, if we got somethin in common, and we can elaorate on it then we can hang out and shoot the shit.

Uploaded 08/06/2008
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