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Solitary Confinement

Everyone irritates the fuck out of me. It's like they don't understand how obnoxious and stupid they really are. They're always in my way, polluting the atmosphere with their complaints and shallow excuses for witty observations. I despise them. Why won't they get their shit together? Half of them lunge to sink their corroded fangs at the slightest signal of weakness, and the other half keep their tongues sheathed by nothing more than cowardice or sheer lack of experience. Their behaviors are so repetitious, commonplace, and intolerable. They screech with the desperation to fill uncomfortable silences and have their grotesque egos recognized for that fickle moment of social appraisal. Its unsubstantial drivel clumsily slipping from their jittery jowels. This species is utterly toxic. Some even accept it for merits. Disgusting. When will they learn?
Don't fucking hug me. You smell like shit.
BFP2 Uploaded 01/26/2014
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