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2014 will be better

Partied on a literal bridge to nowhere. Where did the pics go? fuck. Fuck you and your saxophone. I'll be back in august.  I got a hand fullof a few missing teeth. They are mine. It's not a dream. This is real life. My hair line and face are disgusting. It's like the band Marilyn Manson in 96. I think it's funny. I am working on a gif gallery called popouts. Or show your tits. I like popouts, though. I do this at work on my phone. Download pics of tits. I get really fucking bored. I wish they would fire me. They wont. I work hard and I download quality porn hard. On my own internet. 
Deevo that fast paced techno shit is fucking horrible. It sounds so bad it hurts my eyes. god damn. If someone was huffing gas and listened to that they would die. Have you ever seen a 30 something person huff gas? I have. I have a friend in WV from NJ that has no hands (blew them off making a pipe bomb in the 90's) and I watched him rebuild a carborater  with his batwing and nub. q
Hoblem Uploaded 01/30/2014
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