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I'm Dating a Whore

-She's perfect. I felt obligated to brag. I've yet to find something she won't do, and I'm not big on self-righteous slut-shaming. I like to think I'm better than that. Plus, being told to treat someone as nothing but a hole to fuck is pretty sexy. Women could learn a thing or two from her. I know I have.-Temptation is a rotten bitch, on the other hand. A diseased tramp who's devolved to utilizing her most basic of instincts to tease a dick into giving her a fix. Beautiful eyes, though. Blue, distant, dead. I shouldn't have been surprised when she struck up conversation asking for one of the more deadly substances circulating the streets. Obviously, she had to be a narc. Why else would she be glancing at my crotch? Humans can be filthy, deceitful little cretins. -But I've grown fond of her, sadly. Our conversations may be mechanical at the moment, only serving as ploys to fill the awkward silences between the lines and biting, but there are a few sparks that emit from the friction that catch both of our eyes. Most likely not, though. I'm only one of many and more to come. Best to keep my distance and see where this goes. 
BFP2 Uploaded 02/07/2014
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