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Naturalism is self-defeating

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Well, the reason why Naturalism is self defeating is because it assumes its believer has supernatural powers.

There is no other way to divide naturalism and supernaturalism than by the human ability to explain something. As soon as there is an explanation, the subject becomes natural. All the while there is no explanation, the subject is supernatural. 2000 years ago thunder was either supernatural or inexplicable. It only became natural when it could be explained. Explanation is the only mechanism by which we can separate a supernatural claim from a natural one.

But the naturalist believes that there is no such thing as supernaturalism. He therefore believes there is nothing that a human cannot explain. He therefore believes that humans have infinite intellectual capacity. Can he explain why humans should have infinite intellectual capacity? If he cannot, then the naturalist assumes himself supernatural.

Thus, naturalism is self defeating.

phukyanks Uploaded 03/18/2014
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