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Down IV part II

Anyone checked this out yet?  What a good fucking album of sludge metal.  Many beautiful Sabbath influences and unique creation.   Worth a listen or a lifetime of enjoyment.  Phukkin Phil still tears it up.  No matter what anyone says, everyone making music, no matter how epic their past, is a fucking inspiration.  To any trolls or "purists" who think anyone should just sit back and give it up after a loss or a change of sound is a moron.  These people create art for us to enjoy, and for them to live.  Support the bands you love by attending shows, buying merch and just being supportive.

Give it a listen, holds itself up to any Down release to date.\m/xx\m/

Mr. Muthafuckin Mustaid
MrMustaid Uploaded 05/16/2014
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