I am NOT your fucking clay.

 rkuzdas did this so ima do this too.

I am who I am.

I am an american.

I eat this double-bacon, heart attack enducing, cheesburger DESPITE the arguments for animal rights you vegitarians infect the air with.

I believe in God and go to church every Sunday, DESPITE what you atheist/mormon/jahova witness dumbasses have to say.

I speak english because I was raised here and is DAMN proud of it.

I do not care what you immigrants say about how life is over here, because if my ancesters where able to come here, learn the language, and make a living, then SO CAN YOU.

I do not support you sleeping around and then expecting me to care when you get 5 std's from those whores you bought behind the quick-e mart.

I will not see anything relating Conpetitive eating to a sport, no matter how much you whine and shout, eating 25 hotdogs in a minute is NOT deserving of a medal...especially when half the known world only has a bowl of rice for 5 people every fucking week.

I am in the band, and it will stay that way no matter how many nerd or geek comments are thrown my jocks can go fuck yourselves.

I will not approve of the war in iraq for oil.  The government should've approved electric cars 30 years ago...their excuse for not doing so..."it may take 25-35 years to complete it"...well FUCK YOU we need it now more than ever.

I will continue to see global warming as a fact...its 115 FUCKING degrees out here and you say "pshh it doesn't exist."

I will continue to like whatever Dane Cook has to clusterfucks can go play in traffic.

I will continue to not give a shit how emo you are.  Both of your parents are still together, you have friends and good grades...fuck you because i wish I had HALF of what you have.

I will continue to hate those lazy fat-fucks who will sue everyone andtheir brother for their should realize "coffee=hot" and you shouldn't stop a chainsaw with your hand.

And who I hate even more are those idiots who brake the law and make us pay for it...and i'm not talking about you stealing my x-box, I'll go buy a new one, i'm talking about when you brake into my house and break your leg, you SUE me for everything i am...WTF WHERE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE IN THE FIRST PLACE FUCKWAD??

 Say what you want about me, this blog or whatever.  I am me and you can't change that, I say Fuck, believe in God, and eat whatever meat by products I wan' can't change my mind.

Uploaded 08/08/2008
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