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You Know What Really Boils My Piss?


This laptop! Katie (my girlfriend) is no longer allowed to use her laptop for her WoW purposes since they emailed her (or something) informing her that she was not allowed to have it on the laptop (due to it connecting to her company and she uses it at work, which leads them to suspect that she is  playing WoW at work). So she know uses my computer for WoW while I have to sit with this boiling piece of machinery on my lap. Sure I could set it on a table and use it, but whatever. I found some neat underwear that you can wear while using a laptop, but holy shit. Why would I want to change underwear just to browse information and laugh at others? I wonder what side effects can come from using a laptop for long periods of time while it rests on your genitals.

1d3n717y Uploaded 08/08/2008
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