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I love beating my wife.


  I gotta tell ya if there is anything I love more than being unemployed or smoking crack with my wifes tips from work it is beating her ass. I love the look she gets on her face when I slap her for someting silly like not giving me head at that moment. One time when we had to stay at her mothers house I hit her mom too. I feel like a big strong man. She called the police on me once and I had to cut her a little bit when I got out of jail just to show the bitch I was'nt fucking around. One day I neeed some crack and the bitch didnt have any money so I told her to get a fucking job. She said she could'nt with the black eye so I gave her another one. Then I told my dealer he could fuck her in the ass and he did and then I got some crack.  Then I got jealous and beat her to an inch of her life.  So I just blamed it on my dealer and they arrested him promptly and then I broke into his apartment and took the rest of his crack I am a  genious I am telling you.  I don't know if he got out of jail or not some fucking detective kept calling so I had to hide out at her mothers. I was there smoking crack in her mothers house and her mom was like "I don't believe you."  So I fucking broke her little dogs neck and that got the point across. God I love it when people are afraid of me.  One night while my wife was in the hospital I was really drunk and high on crack and I went upstairs and raped her mom. HA HA HA I was so drunk I thought I was raping her daughter. Oh well. Any way my wife gets out of the hospital with brain damage and  does'nt remember shit. The dealer went to jail for rape because they found out where he violently rammed her anus. I told her mother if she ever wanted to see her daughter alive again she would'nt say shit. And she did'nt. And these stupid assholes she works with all put in on this check and we got some type of funding from some victoms of crime orginization. I've been hogh off crack and her medication now for eight weeks. Thank god for charity. Thank god for Ebaums world. God Bless America.  

Hoblem Uploaded 08/09/2008
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