stupid bitches

Stupid bitches really piss me off!

My exgirlfriend thinks its highly neccessary to spend her every waking day trying to figure out a way to make my life miserable. What i have to say about that is: Thanks, I feel special knowing that you are always thinking about me! Anyway the problem is, I live in a small town where EVERYONE knows EVERYONE. She knows all my people and I know her people (or what she likes to call people, they are all spun like a motherfucker). She has keyed my truck, she has tried to pop my tires, get this. she even stole my garage door opener (brilliant idea actually if there was anything worth anything in my garage and if there was a door leading to the house, which there isn't!) Ok back to what i was saying, the bitch won't leave me alone! she calls people I don't even talk to anymore and says shit about me that makes no sense at all. The cops are looking for her and are too damn lazy to catch her. She has like 3 felony counts against her and yet they won't do shit about it, and yet, I can't seem to get rid of the bitch! Everywhere I go, everthing I do, and everyone I talk to seem to have some contact with her. She is like an infestation of cockroaches that I can't get rid of. So I'm asking you America, without killing her, what can I do to get rid of the bitch!?!?

Uploaded 08/11/2008
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